It’s a great feeling to be able to trust someone to do a job properly. Through multichannel retailing, schools and parents alike can choose to buy our products either in store, or online. Schools who buy directly from us benefit from discounted prices, sponsorship for school teams, deprivation funds and other unique proposals tailored to each school’s needs. A taste of the immediate benefits your school can expect by choosing Whittakers Schoolwear are as follows;

  • No more chasing suppliers, placing orders, handling deliveries etc...
  • Release valuable storage space at the school
  • Release funds in stock. If you hold stock we will purchase all stock in good condition from you at cost price.
  • Lower prices
  • Discounted staff uniforms
  • Retail outlets open 6 days a week (7 in the summer holidays)
  • Personal, friendly service in a modern environment
  • Product range stocked all year round
  • We cater for all sizes, large or small
  • Experienced team that understands your needs
  • Ethically sourced products
  • No need to allocate staff to handle sales or orders, enabling them to get back to their prime functions
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Retail Outlets

Through our dedicated, custom designed retail outlets, Whittakers provides the most cost effective, parent and school friendly service available. View our gallery to take look inside one of our shops.

value and price concept

Quality and value are the core attributes Whittakers Schoolwear is built around. There is no point having a well-designed uniform without a quality, durable garment at its core. Nor is there any point in a uniform being so expensive that parents can’t afford it!

At Whittaker’s Schoolwear we understand this. We only deal with reputable and ethically conscious companies that provide the right manufacturing at the right price, enabling us to pass these savings on to our customers.

freshen-up logo

A school logo is the perception of itself that a school has to the outside world. Therefore it needs to be modern and fun, yet professional.

Your school logo would not only be used for uniform, but also letterheads, prospectus, business cards and website design. In order for your school logo to be a success a number of aspects need to be taken into consideration.

We can arrange and guide you through either a complete or part uniform change from beginning to end with a custom designed uniform proposal, tailored to your needs. We take into account everything from blazers and sweatshirts, to shorts and socks. It couldn’t be simpler.

  • Size and position
  • How many stitches will it take to embroider?
  • How many colours?
  • Will it clash with current uniform?
  • What about PE and other department logos?


To see why almost 350 schools trust us with their uniform requirements, please fill in our contact form today or call us on 01254 582685 for a friendly and informal discussion with one of our uniform specialists.